Real Estate Glossary

Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.
Ta - Tar - Te - Ter - Th - Ti - To - Tr - Tre - Tu
The period of time during which something is in effect. A stated number of years. A condition specified in an agreement.
Term, Amortization
For a loan, the period of time during which principal and interest payments must be made, generally the time needed to amortize the loan fully.
Term Loan
Loan requiring only interest payments until the last day of its term, at which time the full payment is due. Intermediate - to long-term (usually, 2 to 10 years) collateralized loan granted to a business by a commercial bank, insurance company, or commercial finance company such as to finance the purchase of real estate. The loan is amortized over a fixed period.
  1. An electrical connector.
  2. An end.
  3. A building at the end of a transportation system where users can embark and disembark.
Terminal Marking
Marking on the terminal of an electrical device that specifies what types of wire may be used to connect to it.
Terminal Post
The last fence post in a line. Usually located at a corner.
Terminal Velocity
  1. A measurement of an HVAC system's air circulation capabilities.
  2. The maximum velocity of a falling object.
Termination Clause
Provision in a contract that, upon a certain occurrence or event, the contract is cancelled.
Termite Clause
A provision in a sales contract that allows the buyer to have the property inspected for termite infestation. In general, if termites are discovered, the buyer may require the seller to treat the property or the buyer may cancel the contract. Most clauses now use the term wood-destroying insects to protect against other types of insects that harm structures, such as the powder post beetle and old house borer.
Termite Inspection
An examination of a structure by qualified personnel to determine the existence of infestation by termites. Often required by the terms of a sales contract.
Termite Shield
Aluminum or metal treated barrier that is placed between the concrete and wood of the foundation of a newly constructed building to prevent termites from infesting the wood. Many experts say that such a shield is ineffective because the termites simply go around the shield to get to the wood in the foundation.
Insects that burrow into and eats wood. Termites can cause severe structural damage over time.
Conditions and arrangements specified in a contract.
Terra Cotta
Hard, brownish red earthenware tile, which can be used for roofing or floors.
  1. An unroofed, paved area immediately adjacent to a house, often overlooking a yard or garden.
  2. Sloping ground that has been carved into flat, stair-like sections.
Type of flooring, made up of tiles of colored stone or marble that is set in concrete.
3/4-inch square glass tiles used to make mosaic patterns.
Test Light
A small light with leads that can be inserted into a receptacle to check the power.
Test Plug
An inflatable plug used to seal off a section of a pipeline.
Commonly called a will, it describes the disposition of property. Also called a last will and testament.
Testamentary Capacity
Having the intellect to comprehend the terms and conditions of a will and their impact. A testator must understand his or her estate and its eventual disposition and effects in order to validate the will.
Testamentary Intention
Interpreting the objective of a testator in his or her will. The disposition of the testator's estate must be understandable or it could be legally challenged.
Testamentary Trust
Trust created by a will, which comes into effect only after the death of the testator. It empowers a trust administrator to implement the terms of the trust.
Person who dies leaving a will specifying the distribution of the estate.
Man who makes a will.
Woman who makes a will.
A clause that cites the act and date in a deed or other conveyance. Before signing a deed, the grantor should make sure that everything is in order.
A pyramid.
The surface of a material. Textures may be smooth, rough, etc.

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