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 Instructions for Application 

DEMCO Properties LLC Application for lease is now on line.  For best use we recommend that use either Google Chrome or Mozilla search engine.   

DEMCO Properties LLC is dedicated to the principle of equal housing opportunity.  It shall not discriminate in the sale or rental of property in the provision of related services of facilities, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or any other factor protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

Check list of what is needed:

        Application fee (see #1 below) – paid on line with application

        Credit letter (see #2 below)

        1st month’s rent due after credit run (see #3 below).

        Proof of income (see #4 below)

        Pictures of pet to upload (if allowed)

        Specify contingencies (see #5 below)

        Copy of a State issued picture ID/Passport

         Must have DEMCO Properties LLC agency signed by applicant, that they understand 
       DEMCO is representing the Landlord. This is on line with application.

        DEMCO Properties LLC will prepare the lease.  We have a locked drop box outside our
        office that the funds and documents can be left.

 1.     $75 (per individual / applicant) **application fee separate from 1st month’s rent deposit in Money order or in certified funds, will accompany the application.  Payable to DEMCO Properties LLC. **The application fee is non-refundable**

 2.     If you have any credit problems that might show up on your credit report, Please attach/upload a letter describing how or why these items occurred and what is being done to correct the problems. The truth of the information contained herein is essential and if the OWNER or duly authorized agent hereafter called AGENTdeems any answer or statement herein to be false or misleading; it shall be considered that any lease granted byvirtue of the application may be cancelled at their option.  We are looking for the best qualified applicant. We run credit, background check, calculate debt to income ratio (should be 50% or under), call references, and verify employment/address. Your monthly income should be at least double the rent. The owner has the final decision on approving or declining an application. You will be automatically declined if you have one or more of the following:  Owe balance to current/previous landlord(s) / Eviction / Tax lien / Unpaid Judgment greater than $2,500.   This application is made subject to the approval by the OWNER or AGENT.

 3.     After credit is run and reviewed a deposit equal to one month’s rent and considered to be the 1st month’s rent, in certified funds, separate from the application fee & payable to DEMCO Properties LLC, will need to be presented in order to proceed with the application process.  Funds will be held by DEMCO Properties LLC with clear understanding that this application, including each prospective occupant is subject to approval and acceptance.  If this application is not approved and accepted by the OWNER or AGENT the deposit will be refunded within fifteen days (or sooner if it was a separate check) from the date declined, applicant hereby waving any claim for damages by reason of non-acceptance of this application which the OWNER or AGENT may reject.  The MRIS listing is a part of the application.

4.     You must provide Proof of Income with consecutive pay period, pay stubs (equal to a month’s pay), W-2 or 1099 forms, for any income you want included. If you are hourly, note avg hours worked per week. If you are self employed a copy of 2 years federal income tax returns, will be required. The monthly rent plus debts must be less than 50% of combined verifiable gross monthly income, in order to qualify for a rental with DEMCO Properties LLC.

5.     Contingencies (CONSIDER THE PROPERTY “AS IS” UNLESS YOU ASK): The property is considered “As Is” unless items are listed as contingencies.  This does not mean the owner is not going to be making any repairs.  Please do not assume the house will be painted, new carpet installed, cleaned or anything else unless you ask for it to be done.  We will want to know if you want those contingencies agreed to before credit is run OR if you want us to Process the application and let you know later.

 6.     Where personal references are requested, do not use anyone on this application already and do not use a relative.

 Occupant’s are to include anyone living at the property at any time during this lease.

7.     At or before lease signing:

 A Security deposit (equal to a minimum of one months rent) is due and payable prior to occupancy, in

CERTIFIED FUNDS. Up to a 2 month security may be requested, if there are credit or any other issues the OWNER or AGENT feel warrant a higher deposit.   Deposit is payable to DEMCO Properties LLC.

DEMCO Properties LLC will prepare the lease. 

Pet fee of $100, payable when sign lease for inspection of property and pet.

Renter’s insurance
is required to cover your personal belongings, as well as, minimum 300K liability (standard in most policy’s). 

8.    After approval and acceptance of the application by OWNER or AGENT, the applicant agrees to execute the lease in accordance with the terms of the application. The deposit given as 1st month’s rent, shall be forfeited, if the applicant should fail to execute a lease and/or occupy the premises. The applicant agrees that the entire deposit herein provided will be forfeited to compensate the OWNER or AGENT for vacancy and/or damages suffered. In all instances, the disposition shall conform to the Maryland State Landlord-Tenant Law.  

It is understood that premises are to be used as a family residence occupied by not more than those persons listed on this application, and that occupancy is contingent upon property being vacated by the present occupant.  Occupancy of single family residences shall conform with applicable zoning laws and in the cases of condominium’s, with applicable by laws, rule and regulations.  All personal property placed in said premises shall be at the Tenant’s risk.  The applicants agree to apply for all utilities services before taking occupancy of the leased premise and agree to pay for all applicable utilities and all necessary deposits.  Carpet cleaning is required when vacate at the end of the lease by Stanley Steemer.

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